Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Wii! and Ouch!

Adam recently got a Nintendo Wii for the youth room. Well, being a good youth pastor, Adam needs to know how to play it well so that he can play with the youth, right? So, on Saturday night we had some friends over and went and had some fun playing on it. It's quite different from other video games. It takes a bit to get used it. Plus, it involves a lot more movement. I think Bill was actually sweating from playing it. In the picture, the boys are playing baseball. As you can tell, Adam is pitching and Bill is hitting. More in the post as to why Adam is sitting in a chair.......

And in this picture, Bill and Ang are boxing. Who knew it could be so fun to pretend to hit each other?!

And in the below picture is poor Adam. He played indoor Soccer on Friday night and ended up hurting his ankle. I didn't see the injury happen as I wasn't around went it happened. But I did watch him play the whole second half as though nothing had happened. I didn't know he got hurt until he told me about it after the game. And the next morning it was quite swollen and he couldn't move it very well. We ended up spending several hours in the Med Center to make sure it wasn't broken (good quality couple time...when was the last time we were alone that long just to talk and look at magazines?!) The prognosis was that it wasn't broken, but they gave him crutches, told him to take it easy, and elevate it and such. He didn't like the progress he was making with icing it down, so he thought he needed to immerse his foot in an ice bucket. Brrrrrrrrr. It seems to be bringing the swelling down though and he's getting around much better!