Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Oh, the sadness......I just found out that my favorite comic strip only runs in the Sunday papers now. Although I have been under a cloud of sadness and comic page boycotting ever since moving to the Grand Rapids area over 3 years ago, as the GR Press doesn't carry my favorite comic strip AT ALL!!!! (and yes, I actually wrote an email to the newspaper editor telling them they should run Foxtrot in their comic section......I never got a response back.....and they still don't carry Foxtrot.)
Apparently Bill Amend, who writes Foxtrot, wanted to take time off to pursue other things after having written comics for 19 years, so he's only doing Sunday paper editions. I have been a Foxtrot fan for quite awhile. It was actually Dave Cooper who got me started. He mentioned that he enjoyed that comic strip a lot, and so I started paying more attention to it and it soon became my favorite.
Now, what will I have for my next desk calendar?!?!


Phil Strahm said...

Foxtrot...I haven't read that in years. I did cutout like a 6 day series when he tried out for football....those were funny. I probably have it somewhere still.

Anonymous said...


try this

Adam's mom said...

oops, I didn't realize my website thing I gave you was anonymous, sorry.