Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Music Shuffle List

I was tagged by Phil, check out his page to find out more......

  1. Love Song for a Savior -Jars of Clay -Jars of Clay
  2. Fallen - Tait -Lose This Life
  3. Entertaining Angels - Newsboys -Newsboys Remixed
  4. Psalm 73 (My God's Enough) -BarlowGirl/Todd Agnew -Another Journal Entry
  5. Toby's Mac -Tobymac - Momentum
  6. Exit Calypsan - Falling Up - 17 Christian Rock Hits! 2005
  7. I'm for You - Toby Mac -Portable Sounds
  8. Porcelain Heart - BarlowGirl - Another Journal Entry
  9. Step Up To The Microphone - Newsboys - Shine The Hits
  10. Extreme Days - Tobymac - Momentum
  11. Holding Out for Grace -Tait- Lose This Life
  12. Entertaining Angels -Newsboys - Shine The Hits
  13. Stars - Switchfoot - Nothing Is Sound
  14. He - Jars of Clay -Jars of Clay
  15. Boy on a String - Jars of Clay - Jars of Clay

Here is my list. As you can see my playlist is over-populated with Toby Mac and the Newsboys (because i own every CD both of those groups have ever made), plus a few Jars of Clay CD's but with the 1,469 songs I have on the iPod, you would figure I would get less repeats, but what can you do? It has a mind of its own.


p.s. if you wanted to know