Sunday, July 01, 2007

Things that Make Me Smile - 2nd Edition

It's good to recognize things that are good and make me happy......

- Taking a lazy nap on a Sunday afternoon.
- Having a beautiful tile kitchen floor (the walls are still green drywall, and there are no cupboards or applicances in the room......but the floor is beautiful).
- A cat that uses his litter box.
- A super amazing companion of a husband that I have and who I miss greatly when he's gone. It's good to have someone who I miss. Not fun to miss someone...but it's good to have someone to miss.
- Sewing something and it turning out well! (So what if it was only a pillowcase.....we must celebrate the small things!)
- Sunshine.
- God's infinite wisdom and creative design when he formed the earth and everything in it.
- Garage sales and thrift stores.
- Blueberry bagels.

Anything that makes you smile???