Sunday, September 02, 2007

Kitchen Update

There are a few extremely small details that aren't done yet (1 cabinet door is on backorder and we haven't found the stools we want for the island and desk area...). Otherwise, this is a wonderfully functioning and extremely aesthetically pleasing room!!! I LOVE IT!!!
I'm still getting the hang of using a dishwasher.....(hey, I didn't have one most of my life!). I hate doing dishes by hand, so I think this will make me a very happy girl.
The main countertop is Corian, which we got an AMAZING deal on from a friend at church who had several large pieces left. And the color he had just went amazingly well with what we were planning! Coincidence...I don't think so. We put granite on the island countertop. (I promise you, we are not high rollers!....we got another good deal!) Adam did a tile backspash, which is lovely. The walls are a pretty bold purple color. I wanted to do purple, but it's hard to tell on a 1" x 2" paint sample what it will look like on the wall! I still like it, but it took us a few days to get used to it. When you sit in the living room, you can see the dining room, bathroom, and kitchen walls, and they all flow really well into one another. Overall, I'm SUPER excited to have a kitchen again, especially such a nice one!!!
These pictures don't do the work justice.....please come over and see it!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I love the looks of the new kitchen. I am not sure if purple would have been my color, but I know you talked for a long time of wanting it. It is beautiful. Good job Adam!! I can't wait to see it. Hopefully sometime this fall.
Love, MOM

Adam's mom said...

I did get to see it recently and it is indeed a wonderful kitchen. You both did a great job planning and constructing. I especially love the tile backsplash area!

JGA said...

Hey Guys, The kitchen looks great. Tatiana and I will have to come and see it next time we're in GR.

- J&T

Aunt Doreen said...

We spend the most time in our kitchens so it's good you picked a color you love. I went for red myself and have not tired of it yet after more than 5 years! Great job Adam! I am thrilled for you Becca... it has to feel incredible to FINALLY have a working kitchen again.