Sunday, September 23, 2007

Weekend in the Windy City

This past weekend we went to visit Jon & Tatiana Anderson outside of the Chicago area (Jon is my best friend from high school). They are expecting a baby in December. It was good to grab some time together before life gets extra crazy for all of us.

We got in Friday night and had some Chicago-style deep dish pizza. Mmmmmm.
On Saturday Jon and I did some work on a window seat bookshelf that he is building in the living room. We also got a tour of their town and went shopping at an outlet mall (which had a Puma outlet store!! As you can imagine, I was very excited...probably the only time that I'll get excited about shopping). Plus my mom and Kevin were up shopping in the area, so we all met up together to grab lunch.

Becca and Tatiana had a good time visiting and talking and just taking it easy. This also allowed (in a way) our future children to meet. We have already decided to have an arranged marriage of their soon-to-be-daughter with our soon-to-be-son. That way our children won't have to worry about the pressures of dating and then we can all stay in contact more often as well. We all think this is a great plan!! (See, we are not even parents yet and we are already making wonderful decisions for our children)

We finished our visit off with a wonderful dinner of chicken and brats on the grill with veggies and mashed potato's (makes you hungry just thinking about all that good food) and then had to leave Saturday night to drive back home. As all weekend visits are, it was way too short but was well worth the trip and we will look forward to being able to visit with them again in the future as well as meeting lil' Miss Anderson in December.

Adam's words of wisdom: " Remember to take the time to enjoy the friendships you have."