Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Christmas blessings....

Well, the Christmas gatherings are now over.........Yes, we know that Christmas is not about the gifts given or received, but we thought we'd share with you some things that we got anyways. :)
Jaime gave Adam a Nerf dart gun....in which he then relentlessly and annoyingly shot her the whole time she was at our house. Really, Jaime, I don't know why you put yourself through such torture!

Adam also received several hunting apparel items. This is his winter hunting get-up. He's modeling it for us.....I told him he wasn't allowed to do any growling as he walked around my nieces...it might scare them. He also received a set of skis, a book on tape (he doesn't like to read), some clothes, giftcards, movies, and many other wonderful things......

My brother Dan got me a collection of Fox Trot comic books. (In case you don't remember, Fox Trot is my favorite comic strip.) Here's the letter he attached with the present:
My dearest sister Becca,
I know that your quest to have Fox Trot published in your local paper proved to be unsuccesful. To remedy this situation, I am giving you this collection of Fox Trot books. If you read just one strip a day...these books should last you 7 years. Love, your eldest brother, Dan
This is a picture with me and my 3 brothers. We're in line from left to right, oldest to youngest.

I also received 2 luscious sheet sets for our bed. Mmmmmm. The flannel ones are very cozy at this time of the year.

I also received a "Learning Spanish" CD set. That's right, by the time 2009 rolls around, I'll be conversing in Spanish (I took 3 years in high school.....which really didn't sink in much...I'm hoping I'll retain a little more of it this time around).

I also received many other wonderful and generous items such as PJ's, giftcards, movies, candles, lotions, clothes, photo albums, the Farming Game (classic Strahm family favorite!), and more.

And even though Baby Willis isn't here yet, he managed to make it onto people's giftlists as well. Momma Vig hooked him up with several camouflage items, including a baby blanket knitted in camo yarn! He also received a couple of toys and clothing items.

And Daisy enjoyed the atmosphere of the holidays, including the mulitude of boxes, tissue paper, and ribbons that we let her play with.

And again, we know that the Christmas season isn't about the presents (psst..it's about JESUS!).....but we do enjoy sharing with others and giving gifts to let them know how special they are to us and how much we love them.....and we feel special when they share with us as well!


Adam's mom said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas. I'm afraid that you will always have a husband that enjoys playing with toys, some just cost more than others! At least your future son will have a good playmate and should never lack for entertainment in your household.

aunt doreen said...

can I join the generous gift family? WOW, somebody is very spoiled with loving relatives that shop really well! We are waiting for your biggest gift...that baby could come anytime so please make sure we know in time to visit you all in the hospital.

The Chinlund Family said...

Dang, you guys made out great!!! I hope you appreciate it, because once your little man pops out, all attention will be on him... forever :) Can't wait to hear how it goes and see pictures! I will be praying for you the next couple weeks, you'll do great. Don't let people scare you with their labor stories, when the time comes, you'll just do it (because what other choice do you have at that point?) and it will be fine!

Karen said...

Just want to let you know that I read your blog and I've been counting down the days till you deliver. I couldn't belive it when it said only 15 days left!
Hope you are feeling well! You are both in my thoughts and prayers!
Look forward to baby pictures soon!
Much love,
Karen Benoit