Friday, September 26, 2008

Coincidence? I don't think so.

So many times we consider little things that happen to us to just be coincidences. But I think it's something bigger. I think it's God.
Here's a simple story about how God provided for us in a small way, but I know it was Him, so I'm just sharing it with you so that you can be reminded about how God is in the details and things just don't "happen"....but that He's in control.

Adam was commenting on how next summer he plans to go on a hiking/backpacking/wilderness trip with the youth group and that he needs some new hiking shoes. He mentions this while we're at a shoestore outlet which is very close to our house. (We've never actually bought anything there yet even though we live in such close proximity, but today was an anniversary celebration and they were having a big hoopla about it which drew us, they were giving away free hot dogs and I didn't want to make lunch that day). Anyways, he finds a pair which he likes and they were at a pretty reasonable price. I, usually the one to say "do you really need those now?", encouraged him to go ahead and get them. But he decides to wait.

On the way back home I remember that I had a link pulled up on the computer of a website who was running a 1-day sale on all Puma shoes for only 29.95. For those of you that don't know, Adam has a moderate obsession with Puma footwear and apparel. He immediately begins scanning the site once we get home and looking for another Puma or two to add to his collection. He actually finds a hiking sort of shoe, which ends up being cheaper than the pair at the outlet store. We plan to go ahead and order them, along with new running shoes for the both of us. But by the time I check out, it says that the hiking shoes are all out of stock in his size. The next available size was 14. Ah, man.

And THEN, on Monday, Adam gets a call from the shoestore outlet that we had been shopping at previously letting him know that his name had been drawn to win a free pair of Patagonia brand shoes....which happens to have a specialty in hiking shoes! He was able to go online, pick out the nicest and most expensive pair and order them for FREE!

How cool is that?! A fun little story of how God provided for a small need in our lives. I'm sure all of you have stories like that in your lives as well. Just don't forget to give credit where it is due instead of brushing it off as coincidence or something that you did.