Thursday, October 02, 2008

Already October

Well, the days keep moving here.
It's hard to believe that it's already October!
With October comes hunting season. Adam has already got 2 deer (there was an early season a few weeks ago). So, the hunt continues. Adam recently said that one of his favorite things about hunting was having some quiet time and being able to reflect on his thoughts and listen to God. That was comforting to me, rather than him saying that his favorite part was killing innocent animals. So, while he continues hunting, I will continue to find ways to cook venison. I've created a delicious homemade meatball recipe so far.

Landon is working on crawling these days. I wouldn't say it's perfected, but he's definite made some major strides lately. It's slow and wobbly and only done when he feels like it, but it is fun to watch him reach this milestone. No teeth yet. He's doing well with eating and likes pretty much everything that he's tried. I'm still nursing as well. Pretty tired of it, but I know it's good for him and it's free.
And one of his favorite thing these days is switching multiple pacifiers back and forth in his mouth. Give him 2 or 3 pacifiers and he's entertained for quite awhile.

And finally, here is a pic that just has to be posted. This was taken last weekend at Russ and Amy's baby shower. A little role reversal was done. Nice. Too bad it was a balloon and not an additional 20lbs. of baby/fluid-y stuff.