Monday, November 03, 2008

Vacation Ideas???

I'm not really sure how many people check out our blog, but I often hear of people that I would never expect to check in on us that are doing so. I take it as a compliment in nearly all cases, and not stalker-ish (because I check other people's blogs as well who probably have no idea that I am doing so).

Anyways. The Strahm Family is planning summer vacation '09, although we are in quite a quandry as to where to go. Affordable (a.k.a. cheap) is very important to us. Also, somewhat important is location. We'd like it to be a driveable distance from where we live, which is central and northern Indiana, and west Michigan. (And when I say "driveable," I mean driveable for children to sit through and not be an absolute pain for their parents...maybe a max of 10 hours driving, but definately does not need to be that far).

We don't have to do big and fancy things.....lodging in which we can do cooking on our own, hang out, and play are important. There are 9 adults and 6 children (age 10 and under).

So, any one have any suggestions of places they've been that might fit this criteria?? Any suggestions at all??? Please!!!! Leave a comment on the blog or email me at .