Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter 2009

We had a pretty low-key Easter weekend, which was nice. We enjoyed gorgeous sunny weather all weekend which made the occasion of our Risen Lord all the more joyous. Not that I can't celebrate His resurrection in 30 degree weather and snow (I think that's what we had last year), it's just easier to have an extra measure of joy when it's nice out.

We had Gma and Gpa Willis and Gpa Joe over for lunch (Adam's grandparents). And we made Landon pick up some colored eggs out in the yard so that we could take some pics (nope, I didn't even put candy in them). :) He did get his first try of a Peep, thanks to a basket from his Gma Vig. He liked it. What's not to like?! Gooey marshmallow rolled in colored sugar crystals....mmmmm.

I included a picture of what I'm looking like pregnant these days. I feel like I'm getting big already, although I still have quite a ways to go!