Sunday, April 05, 2009

Moving Day - Part I

Moving Day - Part I took place this past Saturday. We had a gorgeous sunny morning reserved and everything went beautifully. I highly recommend being a part of a good church. This day could not have gone smoothly without them!
I had everything boxed up in the house and ready to go by the time the moving crew showed up at around 9:30 a.m. (moving crew consisted of a number of kids from our youth group, along with men and women from our church, and several Rockford friends). Adam had taken apart most of our furniture that needed it as well. The next hour or so was a blur, but that's about all it took for all of our possessions to get loaded into the truck! While packing all week, I thought we had a lot of stuff, but the speed of which it entered the truck doesn't make me feel quite as bad. Part of the moving crew is pictured below. Most of our stuff is getting stored in the mission house garage until we find a house to permenantly move into. They were done unloading that by 11:30. Some girls (ok, I guess we're called women at this point) had arranged to have lunch ready for the crew as well! It was a very low-stress day for us and went amazingly well! We'll get in our house to clean and pick up a few last small items in the next few days, but we'll officially hand over the keys on Tuesday to the new owner!
If you are my facebook friend (Becca's), you can see even more pictures on there.