Thursday, May 07, 2009

Twiddling our Thumbs

That's what I feel like I'm doing these days....just twiddling my thumbs.....

We found a house awhile back that we're really excited about. It looks like everything is going to go through just fine. It's a short sale (google the term if you don't know what it means), which I don't really feel like there's anything "short" about it. They should call it a prolonged sale. Anyways. We're scheduled to close May 29 and then gain possession on June 10. (the family that currently owns it has requested to finish out the school year in the house, so we nicely obliged). I'll give you more info and pics after the closing, but until all parties have signed on the dotted lines, it's not quite ours.

I think part of my "antsy-ness" is due to the fact that we're having a baby in July. I just want to get in and get settled before this one arrives! Don't get me wrong, we're incredibly grateful for the temporary housing that we have through our church. I'm just ready to be in "our" house!

We're enjoying the warming weather though and have been going on daily walks and even a bike ride tonight. Landon and I hit a lot of garage sales together. His favorite word these days is "car." We hear that a lot from him when we're out and about.

Pray that the house stuff all goes through well and that we enjoy our final days as parents of one and residents of temporary housing.