Thursday, April 15, 2010

Easter -- Grandmas -- Spring!

So, it's been awhile. This is going to be a multiple event posting. Easter was a few weeks ago. Below the boys are opening the Easter baskets that Grandma Vig had delivered. They loved them! Especially Landon, who is now understanding what candy and presents are.

Below is an Easter Lily that we got from our church. It's huge! The matchbox car is there to show the size. Plus, we have those stinkin' little things all over the place.
Here's the boys on Easter morning. It seems to be impossible to get a good picture of them together! I won't give up though.
And then we got a whole lot of grandma action! We saw Grandma Moppy and Great-Grandma Willis on Easter afternoon. Then Grandma Vig came for a few days so that she get a little more time watching our regular lives since she will be watching the boys while we are on vacation (just a few weeks away!!). And then Grandma Strahm came this last weekend for a visit! The boys loved the extra hugs and attention they get from their grandmas. I think Landon is starting to understand that he has more than 1 grandma. I think they used to meld into one person in his mind into some sort of "super-grandma." It's fun to watch him "get" things.
And here the boys are getting ready to go on a bike ride! I love that the weather is getting warmer and we can do more things outside! Bring on the sunshine and nicer temps!