Friday, April 02, 2010

Visit from the Cousins

Becca's brother and his 3 kids spent their Spring Break visiting family members and we were fortunate to be a stop on their tour. They arrived in time for lunch on Wednesday and left Friday mid-morning. They had fun playing in our makeshift sandbox (a.k.a. an area where we tore up some concrete last fall) and chasing our two cats. Kids are easy to entertain.

On Thursday, we visited the local nature center. We had a picnic lunch and then walked a little bit of a trail and checked out the visitor center.
Later, we went to the lakeshore. It was fun playing in the sand. There was a near casualty - Adam's precious frisbee. He should have known better than to let me know me throw it. It ended up getting caught by the wind (or maybe I'm just an awful thrisbee thrower) and it ended up in Lake Michigan. Freezing, cold Lake Michigan. For awhile, it looked like a lost cause, but it ended up coming close enough to the shore that, with the help of a stick, I was able to reach it and only get wet up to about my knees.
Above, Landon was pretty excited about a barge that was coming through.
Tate wasn't quite as excited about his beach experience. It could be due to the fact that when you drop a pacifier in the sand, it's impossible to get all of the sand off. He was good most of the time though.

Overall, it was a fun couple of days! We're always glad to have visitors! Looking forward to the Strahm 4th of July gathering at our place!