Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Race Track

This is what Landon and I do many days when Tate goes down for his morning nap. We get out his Race Track and race all of his cars. It's super fun - or at least that's what Landon says about it. We've been busy, but not too many pictures to post. Adam's sister, Jaime, was here 2 weekends ago from DC. The boys loved being spoiled rotten by her. And she loves to spoil them! Clothes, toys, cars, books, bubble makers......It almost felt like Christmas! Now if we could only get her to move closer to us. And she helped entertain the boys while I made a couple of graduation cakes. And while Jaime was here, we also had some of the Willis' over for Father's Day. Here's 2 of my good-looking guys!

And then this past weekend, Adam's mom and husband were in town. We really need to get better about taking pictures when we have company! Again, the boys loved getting so much attention and having people here! And a new development.....the boys both were in the pool and they LOVED it!

No pictures of Tate, but he's keeping us busy and working on more teeth....I think he's going to have more than me pretty soon if he keeps this up. Thankfully, he's just cranky and needy, and there's no high temps. or other problems. He's also taking some steps here and there on his own as well. He gets so excited about it! We'll be celebrating his 1-year birthday soon!