Friday, June 18, 2010

Summer Youth Events Have Begun

Summer is a nice break from the regular Youth Group calendar. There's still a lot going on, we just don't have weekly mid-week youth group. We have Sizzlers, Open Swims, Weekend Service Projects, STRONG events, SNAC's, and probably a few other things thrown in there. Plus, Adam just likes it that the kids don't have school and he can hang out with them and take them out to lunch, get them to help with projects, go golfing, etc.

Here's a couple of pics from last Wednesday's bike ride. It was a perfect evening for a bike ride. Plus, we got ice cream at the halfway point! Not sure how it could have gotten any better! I did witness a few tumbles on the bikes. I dropped my camera battery at one point. A few small groups might have taken the wrong path at one point (hey, just because I'm a youth leader does not mean that I come with the spiritual gift of an inner GPS system). But a very fun night!