Tuesday, August 03, 2010


If you know me well, you know I have trouble sitting still very long. I like feeling productive. If Adam and I watch a movie at home, I HAVE to be doing something.....folding laundry, clipping coupons, cutting doll clothes, painting my toenails, blogging, planning menus, etc. Which is why I don't love to do things in which I can't multi-task (i.e. driving or reading). I used to even kinda work out while I showered....wall push-ups, calf raises....I've gotten away from doing that.

Anyways. I love days in which I feel like I am able to get a lot done. Reality is that at the end of many days, I don't have much to show for my time except feeding and cleaning two little boys, picking up countless small cars, throwing some make-up on my face, and managing to get an edible meal on the table.
Well, I had a decent to-do list at the start of the day. I had a cake to decorate and I wanted to get it done before lunch today. I was trying to finish it up as the boys were eating. Tate needed to have some squash fed to him and I wasn't quite done still. I thought to myself, "I bet Landon would think it would be fun to feed Tate" (it's been months since I've let him do it) and then I could finish up. And he did SUCH a great job. Very, very little mess at all. Well, Tate was still hungry so I mixed up another little batch. As I'm scrubbing some dishes, I hear my sweet little boys giggling together. I love that sound. I really do. But I should probably start letting it be an alert to me that they are doing something naughty together. I looked over and Landon had the spoon with squash on it and was circling around in Tate's hair. Ugh! My boys are usually pretty neat eaters. I'm not used to having to give after-meal baths.
But I still finished the cake shortly after. It's a monkey-themed Baby Shower.
We then managed to go to the library, vote in the primaries, and play at the park for a little bit - all before naptime. And then I managed to do some pool-care (a.k.a. float on the raft for awhile....and I did scoop out some bugs with the net thingy). My day also included a shower, several loads of laundry, running a shopping errand for Adam, attending a bridal shower. And now I'm blogging. Ah, it's the simple things that make me feel accomplished. I haven't settled for less or become lazy.....I've just changed my perception of what makes a successful, productive, and worthwhile day. I find joy in knowing that I enjoyed a another day that God gave me and I did what I could with what I had.