Sunday, July 25, 2010

Girl Time

When I was young, I used to really wish I had a sister. Then I got to a point where I realized I'd have to share my room and other girl stuff with a sister, so I didn't want one anymore. But now that I'm older, I know how wonderful female relationships are....and I really wish I had a sister. (No offense to my 3 guys are very just don't know how to talk about nothing and everything, shop, paint toenails, or eat chocolate like your life depends upon it).

Gaining an actual sister at this point in life is obviously not going to happen. :) Embracing my other female relationships from friends and sister-in-laws will have to fill that void.
I had another great time with old friends this past weekend. I've known Misty since kindergarten and Shannon since middle school. The summer of '99 is one that we will never forget as that is what set the 3 of us together! We had all just graduated high school. We went to Mexico on a mission trip together. We had multiple sleepovers every week. Regular Steak 'n Shake runs. A roll down a big hill late at night. Very little responsibility on our plates which left room for lots of fun! Again, soooo good to spend time with girls where anything goes! We've already got the next event planned out to celebrate our 30th birthdays this fall!
And I might have taken a picture of a horse and buggy on my way to Shannon's house. Ok, I did (evidence below). The route to her house had me go through a heavily populated Amish area. The Amish intrigue me...and so do prisons (I'm not saying they are related -- just showing that I'm interested in some semi-odd things).