Tuesday, October 12, 2010


We hang out with teenagers quite a bit. Good thing we like them.
This past weekend we went up to Lake Ann Camp for their Jr.High Exiled Retreat. We took with us 14 6th-8th graders (we normally don't have 6th graders at youth group stuff).

Jr.Highers are great for the following reasons:
- They still want to hang out with you (for the most part). They'll save you seats in chapel, want to sit next to you at meals, show up in your bed first thing in the morning, etc.
- They think weird things are funny. Most of our girls will still be giggling about Cous cous and Bob the Plunger (I'm not sure if that was his name) (And by the way, these were 2 separate incidents).
(This is a picture of some of the girls playing a game in our cabin. It was their idea.)

- They aren't into the guy/girl thing very much (or at all). No worries on inappropriate situations or what's going on in the back of the bus. And if they do like the opposite sex at this point, they still avoid each other and don't talk to each other.

- There is something very innocent and pure about many of them. One of our 6th grade girls prayed before bed for all of us one night. I'm glad it was dark. I nearly started crying at her sincere heart and unashamed approach.

It was a fun weekend. We were challenged by our speakers to be willing to "stand in the gap" for God. Still praying that God will help these young people to "get it" and choose to fully live their life for Christ. (This was me coming in on the zipline. It goes over a part of the lake. Quite fun.)

And the scenery was BEAUTIFUL at the camp and on the drive up. How can anyone deny a thoughtful and involved creator when they look at the colors of the leaves?

Our boys spent the weekend at Poppy and Moppy's house. They seemed to have lots of fun! I'll try to post something more about them soon! Gotta keep all of those grandmas happy!