Saturday, October 02, 2010

Art Prize 2010

Grand Rapids is host to the largest cash prize art show in the world. Art Prize. The is the 2nd year for it. It's pretty outrageously cool. There's over 1700 exhibits set up in the downtown area. Some are outside. Some are inside. It's pretty difficult to see all of them (and we didn't even come close), but Adam and I had the chance to see a chunk of them this last week. We figured it was our only chance to get out and see them, so we wanted to hit as much as possible. Our speediness was helped by not having the boys with us (Adam's mom was in town for yet another wedding and she volunteered to watch them). They will be on exhibit until October 10.

Here's some of the pics we took:
I believe the above project was a "World's Largest Greeting Card" effort. You could even sign the inside of it.

The above picture was composed of lots of little mosaic tile pieces.

The above drawing is probably one of my favorite pieces. It's a pencil drawing with amazing detail. Not to mention, it's HUGE! Life-size people..maybe even bigger. You can see an actual person on the far right of my photo.

This giant penny is made up of a whole lot of little pennies!

This baby giraffe and mom were made out of paper mache. I don't know about you, but the only time I ever did paper mache was around the edge of a balloon and it looked pretty bad. I could never turn it into this!
And as with any art exhibit, you see some stuff that you say, "How is that art?"
But overall, a very fun and entertaining evening to spend together.