Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Around the House

We still have one more family Christmas weekend to go, so we're spreading out the season a bit longer and I'm not in a hurry to take down the Christmas decorations. Here's a walk through parts of our house to show some of our decs.
The above pic is our front living room. The Willow Tree Nativity Set is on the wall shelf. The tree has red and gold balls and sparkly icicle ornaments. And below is a Nativity set that I let the boys play with. It's been fun to watch Landon be able to learn who the different people are as he sets them up. Tate just bangs the figurines on the floor. Here is a big canvas picture that I have hanging in our dining room. I wrapped it up to make it festive for Christmas. This is a Christmas Countdown I have hanging on our fridge. It's magnets on a little cookie sheet. I think it's super cute. I'm still not sure if you are supposed to start with a clear board and put a magnet on each day or start with all of the magnets on and take one off each day. Eventually I'll let the kids do this, but I kept it all to myself this year. Here's our bigger Christmas tree with a hodge podge of more sentimental ornaments.

I like Christmas cards. And I like to look at them more than once, so I hang them up. This is in our entryway area off the front door. You may notice the wall the cards are hanging on has been stripped of the wallpaper. All of this area will be our first house project of 2011! Take out the remaining green carpet on the stairs and in the entryway. Carpet the stairs. Tile the entryway and hallway. Come up with a new stair railing. Paint the walls and trim. Can't wait to get started! Oh, now we just have to figure out a chunk of time to do it so that we have toddlers running through a mess for as little time as possible!