Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cute Thangs

Even though the boys have been sleeping for several hours, I often find myself going to bed at night smiling about something they did that day. It's usually something Landon said or a certain mannerism or expression that Tate used. People with kids can probably relate about these simple things that they find incredibly endearing. Here's a few recent ones:

Landon: "Mommy, are you so proud of me?" (with great enthusiasm in his voice and emphasis on the "soooo prrrrooooud") (nearly always after he goes #2 on the potty) And of course I reply, "Yes, I'm sooooo prrrrroooooud of you!"

I was sick in bed on Saturday evening. And after a nice hot bath, I was relaxing in bed with a book. Adam was trying to keep the boys downstairs, but there was no containing Tate. As soon as Adam would turn his back, Tate would make a bee-line for the stairs. I could hear him coming up and enthusiastically repeating "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy" He would run into our bedroom and act like he had just discovered a lost treasure or something. Our bed is very high so he can't climb into it, but he would just stand next to me and laugh and squeal. Adam would come up and get him, but Tate escaped at least 3 times and did this.

Landon has had a cold this past week. He really does not like "being snotty" as he calls it. His natural reaction is to wipe his nose with his sleeve. We've been trying to teach him to use a tissue instead. He's not crazy about using a tissue. I have caught him wiping his nose on the couch...and even the carpet. Gross. Horribly gross. But uh, still kinda funny and makes me laugh on the inside.

When you ask Tate what sound a rooster makes, he just says "Doo!"

Landon equates "coolness" with whether or not you have a motorized vehicle on your shirt. Stripes and plain-colored shirts are not cool, but I still make him wear them sometimes. Oh, and he likes green. Green shirts are cool too.

When it's getting close to mealtimes or Tate just needs a snack, I can often find him underneath our kitchen table scrounging for dropped crumbs. Yes, I know I need to sweep more often.

When Landon gets tired, he doesn't get dopey, slow, and cuddly He gets CRRRAZY and hyper! Spinning in circles, giggling hysterically. Not fun when you are trying to put him in PJ's, but kinda entertaining to watch. (And no, we really don't give him much sugar!)

Tate has the cutest way of saying "yes," "thanks," and "please." You'd have to hear it.

When I ask Landon who he loves, he'll easily say the standards....mom, dad, Tate. Sometimes he'll even start listing off grandma and grandpas and cousins. But on his own, he started saying "Jesus" regularly.

Ok, that's enough for today. It's lunchtime and Tate has disappeared, although I'm guessing he's under the table. '