Friday, January 21, 2011

The Christmas gatherings have come to an end...

We had our final Christmas celebration last weekend. We drove down to Indy to spend time with my (Becca's) family. We took off Thursday late in the evening. With the boys at the ages they are, we tend to prefer to travel when they should be sleeping. Makes car rides more enjoyable.

On Saturday morning, some of us went to watch my nieces basketball game. I think they are waiting for a rebound...or they are praising Jesus. Not sure.
Then we had a festive time celebrating Christmas. Whenever we have holiday celebrations on days other than the actual holiday, I like to pretend it's still really the actual holiday. I tend to make comments like, "Who's calling on Christmas day?" if the phone rings. I'm a dork. I know. Unfortunately, Adam came down with some sort of bug on "Christmas" day and he spent most of the day feeling sick and hiding out in a bedroom. Good thing I know him so well, otherwise I might be afriad he didn't like my family.
How could he not like these people? :)

Grandma and Grandpa with all of their grandkids.

My brothers and I. I'm really surprised I didn't get any bunny ears in any of the pictures taken. They've mellowed out with age. :)

The boys got some cool new tractors, monster trucks, and airplanes. I think their Uncle Dan and Uncle Jon were re-living their childhood when they picked out toys for them.
And we got to meet the newest member of our family! A.J.! He's a good and snuggly little baby that could probably get a job as a professional sleeper.
Next big gathering is Strahm Vacation 2011! The hope was to find a vacation house that all 17 of us could stay in within the midwest somewhere. Oh, and it had to be affordable for everyone. After a week of searching and phone calls and emails, it's been pretty discouraging. Back-up plan is vacation at the Willis estate (ahem, that's our house). I'm still hopeful that something will pan out, but if not, we'll have a big party at our place with fun excursions and lots of good times.