Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Getaway for the Girls

A much anticipated event has come and gone.

I've been very blessed to stay in touch with several girls that I went to high school with. I know undoubtedly that the reason I've stayed connected with them is because of the bond of Christ. We've all moved onto the rigors of adulthood and being "responsible." And we've all spread out over the general Midwest region. But that doesn't mean that we can't get away and celebrate one another and the momentous occasion of all of us turning "30" in the past year. We put it on the calendar months ago and the event finally came. Kissing our husbands and children goodbye, we all met up for a weekend of fun!

Our destination was chosen pretty much solely so that we could go to IKEA!

We spent about 4.5 hours at IKEA, wandering through the showrooms and aisles of home goods.

I think my favorite repeated quote of the weekend was:
"I would commit a crime for that _________."

(fill in the blank) (i.e. kitchen, closet, desk, toilet bowl scrubber)

(OK, I don't remember anyone saying that about the toilet bowl scrubber - but it was only 99cents! I got 3.)

Here we had asked some strangers to take a picture while we jumped on the nearest bedroom set.

We had found a great deal on a hotel room for 2 nights and enjoyed having a place to rest our feet and hang out while we ate junk food and talked into the wee hours of the mornings. Now if only hotels would have an adults-only hour in the pool room.

We also enjoyed that a Trader Joe's grocery store was super close to our hotel. They have some fun products and we went there twice.
I think the below packaging for their cereal bars is hilarious!

A bit sad that the event is over, but so glad that we were able to fit it into our full schedules and have the chance to spend some special time together.
You don't let friendships like this get away.