Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Getting spoiled in Spring!

We've loved getting to enjoy some decent weather these days. The boys and I have ventured to several area parks recently. Here's a few pics.

I love this one! Notice that Tate is trying to eat the stale bread that he is supposed to be throwing to the birds!

We were also SPOILED with the visit of Adam's mom this past weekend. The boys loved having a grandma here! Every time Landon woke up, he would ask, "Is Grandma still here?" Even though we said goodbye to her several days ago, he's still been asking. She put together a fun Easter basket for them full of candy and little goodies. They also made a trip (or two) with her to the toy store. Plus, Adam and I were also spoiled as well since it allowed us to get out more without the precious and consuming kiddos! We did our first adult "taste test" (got paid $50 each to Gazelle's sports store for tasting 6 different protein bars), enjoyed a lunch out, caught up with some friends, and got in our first tennis game of the year! We also had an Easter egg hunt for the boys in our yard while she was here. Landon especially loved it. I've done a few more with him since then. I envision it as practice for when we participate in a community Easter egg hunt with him right before Easter. He's gonna tear it up!