Friday, May 13, 2011

My little boys wearing their suits....

My handsome boys. Here's the boys on Easter morning dressed in their cute little suits. Their Aunt Jaime gave them to the boys for Christmas. They were quite cute running around like little men. And unfortunately, they had another reason to wear them recently. Adam's Grandpa Willis passed away on May 4. Although a sad time of having to say goodbye and dealing with the sobering thought of our fleeting time here on earth, it was good to spend time with family remembering the memories that we have been given through his life and celebrating the promise of eternal life we have if we trust in Jesus. During the visitation time, Adam took Landon up to the casket for a moment. Landon's comment was something along the lines of, "Grandpa Willis is sleeping......That's not a very good place to sleep." Oh. From the mouths of little ones.

Here's a picture of 4 generations of Willis men taken in July 2009. We'll miss you Grandpa Willis.