Friday, May 13, 2011

Someone else's treasure...

I had a little garage sale this past weekend.
Ok. Maybe it got a little out of control.

For the past month or two, we have been collecting donations of "stuff" from family and friends.

The thought was to have a garage sale to help raise money for the upcoming missions trip we are leading to Brazil with some of the youth from our church. Approximately 25 families (I lost count - I know it was over 20) rose to the occasion and cleaned out their basements and closets. Thankfully, we have a large unfinished and fairly empty basement in which to put most of this stuff.

And I'm a dork, and I really do love organizing and sorting in preparation for something like this. A bit overwhelming at times, but thankfully, I had a good amount of help in prepping and carrying out the sale.

There was an 80% chance of rain on both Friday and Saturday! EEK!
But hey, my God controls the weather.
Friday was G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!
Saturday started off rainy, but eventually cleared up and allowed us to have a steady stream of people.

Overall, we made about $1,150!
(I still have a couple of items listed on Craigslist)
I consider this pretty exciting since we didn't have any big ticket items. The most expensive thing we had was $40. And I priced things to sell. Most clothes were only $.50 (We had a ridiculous amount of clothes).

So, WAHOO! We are getting super close to reaching our financial goals for the Brazil trip!
God provides!