Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Fun

Wow! Holy cow! We're already nearing the end of June!

The month took off running for us. We had over 15 graduation open houses to hit from our church! Which meant no cooking for several weekends in a row! Lovely!

The pool is open and we've had several pool parties already.

We've had regular playdates with friends at parks and at our house!

We got several projects done around the house!

Summer Softball season has begun!

VBS is in full swing for us this week!

Here's just a couple of pictures of our recent adventures:

Trip to the ZOO with the Miller's! The Pumas (the BEST animal...according to Adam) were very active.

Must've been feeding time. Pretty sure they are eyeing a small child while I took this picture.

Checking out the Walker Festival!

I like going to this event because you get to walk around and area businesses have lots of freebies that they give away and drawings to sign up for. They also have activities for kids, a petting zoo, food vendors, etc. And they also have the coolest kid's port-a-john - (if "cool" and "port-a-john" are allowed to be in the same sentence)!

See below pic. The girl's one had princesses on it.

And the above is some....race car....I guess. I don't remember.

My boys get excited about things with wheels though.

Haircuts for my Handsome Boys!

And you should see what my husband did to his hair to get into the VBS SonSurf Beach Bash Theme this week. Oy. He bleached his hair. It's so bright I can hardly even look at him for more than 3 seconds. Oh dear. :)