Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Shoot me up

A few months back some friends informed us about a Plasma donation center in our area. I'm pretty sure I'm in love. Never has making money been so easy! We attempt to live primarily off of one income, a youth pastor's income, and quite frankly, I feel pretty blessed. Can we spend money whenever we want? No. Do we limit areas in which we spend money? Yes. Do I clip coupons, scour sale ads, buy at thrift stores and garage sales, utilize hand-me-downs? For sure. Do I feel like we have everything we could possibly need? Absolutely.

But, it is nice to find ways to have a little extra room in the budget. And there is a plasma donation center less than 10 minutes from where we live! I have no trouble with being poked and having blood drawn. I used to donate blood and never had any issues. Doesn't make me squeamish at all. And I feel like the process is super easy. Because I'm a smaller female (the amount of plasma you need to donate is based on your size), it's actually a pretty quick process. I'm usually in and out of the center in around an hour. And, there is childcare! Landon and Tate love going to the "Plasma Playplace." I now have the chance to just sit and read a book! The place is very clean and professional feeling. I only wish I would've known about it sooner! We're not gonna get rich off of giving plasma, but it does make for a little extra side money.

Adam has attempted to try to give, but they keep testing his blood and something in his protein keeps coming back "abnormal." We think it could be because he is actually an alien from another planet - which would explain his superhero tendencies.