Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Turning back the clock

Felt like the good ol' college days! Got together with 3 friends from college this past weekend. We had all lived together at one point or another while in college. With varied majors - Recreation Management, Biblical Literature, Psychology, and Nursing.....we always packed in lots of fun despite our different programs. It has been WAAAAYYYYY TOOOOO long since I had seen some of them - Ok, all of them. We left husbands and children at home and gathered at my friend's parent's house since it was the most central location for all of us.

We enjoyed hanging out, eating pizza, getting pedicures, sleeping in as long as our bodies would let us (not much past 8am), hitting a few garage sales, playing tennis, P.F. Chang's, a little shopping, watching a movie, and as the picture below depicts....going to the local ice cream shop, of which I'm pretty sure we set some sort of record. We hit it 3 times in about a 24-hour period. And the other girls even hit it on their way out of town. Jenna is double-fisting it in the picture below....but that's totally allowable since she's expecting another baby!

So thankful to have these Godly women in my life - even if we live hours away from each other and don't get to talk as often as we'd like. Looking forward to when we can get together again! Maybe we'll even bring our families next time.......maybe. :)