Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Art Prize 2011

I blogged about Art Prize last year here. And now I'm blogging about it again.

I really think it is the coolest event of our city. An event that I would even say makes our city very cool. An event that should make you want to come and visit us. (We have a spacious guestroom that is currently unoccupied - although you'd had to share a bathroom with 2 preschoolers). It's on exhibit until October 9.

On a whim, we took advantage of great weather on Monday and headed downtown as a family. I don't think we had pushed the boys in strollers all summer long hardly. But we figured if we wanted to make good ground, we needed them not to be walking. We kept moving and strategically hit some of the larger venues so that we could take in the most artwork as possible without having to walk too far. There didn't seem to be as many ginormous exhibits like last year, but still some incredible pieces of artwork. And some others that were ........ (I'll let you fill in the blank....but let's just say, their mother might have been the only one that voted for them).

Pictures obviously don't serve justice to the actual artwork pieces.