Sunday, January 01, 2012

Yeah for Christmas!

Christmas has come and gone! And we had many wonderful gatherings!

We travelled to Illinois for a few days to spend time with Adam's mom and stepdad - lots of fun traditions and we were all spoiled with yummy meals, special treatments, and too many presents! Such a relaxing and enjoyable time together!

We got home just in time to have all of the Willis family over! Again, special times with lots of fun times and presents. We played some games and enjoyed a full day together. We ended the evening with a special Christmas Eve service at church.

And on Christmas day, we went to church on Christmas morning and then had Adam's dad and stepmom and the rest of the family over. We enjoyed a casual and relaxing day together. We even went the non-traditional route and had Mexican fare to spice things up.

Such a great time with family! It's always a beautiful time of the year to reflect upon our Savior being sent into this world!