Thursday, December 08, 2011

oh deer.....

Well this has been long over due (Adam blogging that is) but i will do my best to update all of our many blog followers with the adventures of Adam the Archer and my hunting expeditions so far this year.

For those that don't know i am an avid archer i love shooting a b

ow and enjoy hunting, and I like being able to stock the freezer with venison (which the whole family enjoys too)

So this year's adventure started on October 18th when i was able to get 2 smaller deer but on the 25th of October the real adventure started. It was a cold deary Tuesday morning and i went out hunting and at first light i very nice Buck decided to grace me with his presence and i was able to quickly and cleanly harvest this Buck ( i won't go into all the details). He was only a 6 point he was a very big bodied deer with a very very big rack for a 6 point (which i did not see the rack very well until after i recovered the deer). This is only my second buck and biggest deer i have ever seen in the woods. Here are the pictures from the woods and also the mount that i now have to remember my adventure, if you want to see the deer in real life you will have to come visit me at church as Becca would only allow me to put the mount in the basement so instead i will gladly hang it in my office at church. Enjoy