Sunday, December 04, 2011

Oh, Little Debbie...

These Little Debbie Holiday Snack Cakes are too much for me to resist! (Only the yellow cake with chocolate frosting ones) I am sure there an no redeeming qualities in them.

I don't buy them - mostly because I know that I'm capable of polishing off a whole box in 2 days. I can resist them if they don't make it into my house. I can walk by them in the store and have no second thoughts about leaving them on the shelf. It's when they make it into my home and I know they are there - that's when I'm in trouble.

My sweet husband knows that I have a ridiculous affection for these things. Every now and then, he will buy me a box. I'm usually estatic and upset at the same time. It's kinda a love/hate relationship (not with my husband - that's all love! I'm talking about the cakes). The box doesn't last long. And then I calculate how many calories I've eaten in these store-bought delicious goodies. It's not pretty. But hey, it's all in celebration of this festive time of year, right?! :)