Thursday, June 28, 2012

Roofing project @ Prairie Camp

Time to catch up with the blogging! Looking back through the pics on my camera and I realize I'm WAY behind! A commitment that I would have been working on has been canned for this weekend, so I all of a sudden have some time freed up to dabble with hobby-ish stuff like blogging.

We went down to Indiana over Memorial Day weekend and stayed with my oldest brother and his family (I didn't say old...I said oldest...although he did turn 40 this year...just sayin;) The plan was to help re-roof my parent's little Prairie Camp cabin. I felt the need to say "little" because I mentioned to some people in the MI area about my parent's having a cabin and they got too excited and impressed about it. Seems like most people in MI have a cabin, have a family member that has a cabin, or knows someone that has a lovely cabin on a lake somewhere. This is not that kind of cabin. (No offense meant, parents). This is a 1-room cabin in which my mom, and sometimes dad, spend 10 days at during the annual week of family camp at Prairie Camp.  They usually have it filled with 4-5 of their grandkids staying with them also. Anyways. The goal was to put a new roof on it. And it was a MISSION ACCOMPLISHED, which also left plenty of room for hanging out and enjoying each other's company!

Here's a few pics:
Forgot how manly and good Adam looks in a tool belt. Very attractive. :) 
This was not very attractive...sneaking our 4-year old onto the roof without my approval.

Learning how to hammer in the nails that had popped up on the deck. 
Plus, the boys got to drive a tractor for the first time at Uncle Dan's house. They LOVED it! 

And it's super exciting that it looks like we will get to spend a little bit of time at Prairie Camp later this summer!  During the last weekend of family camp, we will get to experience the camp dust between our toes, the smell of the public bathrooms, Port-a-pit chicken, and the heavenly singing in the tabernacle! I spent 10 days of every summer out there (until I got married). Looking forward to spending time at a place that holds a lot of childhood and teenage memories!