Monday, June 04, 2012

Time to Take a Peek...

Tomorrow we are getting another peek at the babe growing inside of me!  First and foremost, we hope and pray that we see that things are progressing well and as they should. But we should also get to take a look at whether this little one is a boy or a girl! 

Really, I'm prepared for this to go either way. And I'm excited for either way. It's one or the other, right?

Here's how I feel if it's boy #3:
Well, financially it sounds much easier.  We wouldn't need any clothes for the next few years. We wouldn't have to pay for any weddings. And in case I haven't made it clear in the past, I ADORE the two little boys that I already have and can only imagine ADORING another one! Plus, being a mom of all boys makes me sound "tough" and I like that. :)  I kinda feel like I have a knack for the boy thing.  I have 3 brothers.  This isn't foreign territory.  I love the idea of raising a house of young men that are thoughtful, generous, well-behaved, kind, respectful of women, and upright men who love Jesus. (I'm doing what I can....obviously if you've seen us at the grocery store, you'd know we're not there yet on most of those accounts). Another boy is honestly what is easiest for me to imagine at this point since it's all I've known. Plus, Adam says he oozes testosterone and is incapable of producing a girl. 

what if it is a girl?:
Well, I do let my mind wander to this side.  And even though I'm a decent mix of "let's-get-sweaty-and-dirty-and-play-outside" and "I-love-this-new-dress-and-I-want-to-go-find-some-nail-polish-to-go-with-it"....I hardly know where to go with my thoughts if it's a girl! I need to start practicing my french braiding! And oh, dear goodness, the forbidden side of the children's section of which I try to never wander to because it is so big and vast.....well, it would be open for my perusal! Tights, dresses, sparkly shoes, hair bows, leggings, ruffly bum covers, and in general, PINK stuff! AHHH! It's all very overwhelming, yet exciting to think about. Plus, I'd like to see my manly-man soften even more when he's with a little girl. 

So, I really do not have a prediction. I feel like I might be carrying slightly different and I did feel worse than I ever had before in the early weeks of pregnancy. Landon wants a baby sister. Tate was on the same page, although today for the first time, he said he'd rather have a little brother. It will be fun to prepare them for whatever lies ahead. Tomorrow we shall know! 

Again, we're most hopeful to have a glimpse and to see that this little one is doing well.