Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tate turned THREE!

Tate turned 3 last week.  It ended up being a bit of a "superhero" themed event.
Here's a few pics:

 Here's a snapshot of Tate at 3 years old:
- He likes to sleep with his shirt off for naptime and bedtime.
- He loves to play outside in the sandbox.  He also loves to find worms and frogs.
- He ranks in the 90th percentile for heighth and 75th percentile for weight.
- When he kisses, he often goes in hard and straight for the lips. You better be prepared.  (I don't know where he got the lip kiss thing....we've never kissed our kids on the lips before this)
- He is pretty awesome at this potty-training thing. We've been dry day and night for....months.
- He likes to help with tasks (feeding the cats, sorting or putting laundry away, watering the garden, etc.)....but it usually involves making a bigger mess.  Although he has no idea he's making a bigger mess.
- He is very good at recognizing the letter "T" in the world around him.
- He likes to be the "bad guy" when playing. This concerns his mother.
- At his 3-year old check-up, the doctor asked him if he could stand on one foot. He looked at her and said "nooooo" (not in a defiant way, but in a "you're crazy" sort of way). When daddy asked him about his appointment, he said the doctor asked him if he could stand on one foot and then he did it....very well.
- He's quite frightened of storms and bugs.
- He's super cute and we LOVE him!