Wednesday, July 18, 2012

We took a vacation!

It's been awhile since we took a vacation.  A real-live, gone-for-a-week(ish), not a youth trip/missions trip, not a have-the-whole-family-live-at-our-house-for-a-week (which we loved, by the way), an actual family vacation.  In fact, I can't recall that the 4 of us had gone on a vacation yet.

We didn't do anything fantabulous, but it was perfect and hit the spot!  (And I guess it was still kinda part of youth ministry happenings). Anyways. Adam took the youth up to Lake Ann Camp on the church bus on a Monday.  The boys and I followed shortly behind with a packed minivan. We had a lovely little cabin on the camp grounds. It had 2 bedrooms and a small kitchenette. Our youth were busy participating in exciting and fun activities and we had no responsibilities but to enjoy ourselves!  We took trips into Traverse City, Sleeping Bear Dunes, Glen Arbor, Boyne City.  We did spend some time at camp.  We enjoyed a canoe ride, chasing minnows in the lake, talking to some great people, walking/biking the trail, eating in the dining hall (especially the delish last morning cinnamon rolls!), visiting the barn animals, watching fight night, making s'mores, and Adam even attended several of the chapel services.  I read 2 books and passed multiple levels of "7 Little Words" on the iPad. :)

Here's a few pics to whet your appetite about our exciting adventures: