Thursday, August 16, 2012

28.5 Weeks Pic

28.5 weeks.....maybe a random time to finally post a maternity picture of baby #3. But I realized tonight that we hadn't really taken any pictures of things yet. We're still excited about this kid though!

This pic was taken tonight after an intense workout on the treadmill. (Intense is a relative term) Yep, still trying to workout regularly. Nothing crazy. Mostly walking and some strength training. I've probably worked out more during pregnancy than pre-pregnancy. It's that whole "I'm-apparently-susceptible-to-having-babies-that-weigh-over-10-pounds" thing that makes me a little paranoid about making sure I'm doing what I can to not gain an excessive amount of weight that could make this kid even bigger. (Landon was 10 lbs.4oz and born on his due date. Tate was 10lbs.8oz and born a week early. I even gained about 10 less lbs. with Tate than with Landon and he was still that big!).  The doc said I was measuring perfectly this week - although I never measured ahead of schedule with the other boys either. I do feel great after workouts and I think it helps me to sleep better and keeps some of the aches and pains at bay.

Hard to believe we'll get to meet this little guy in less than 3 months!  So excited to have him join our family!