Friday, September 14, 2012

All in the name of ministry....

Adam has had somewhat of a rough month physically.

First, the burns he incurred. (scroll back through the blog a couple of posts for info)

And this past weekend, he got to find out how well our local ER operates on a Saturday. (quite efficient, by the way)

This was for a multi-youth group urban ministry service project.  Miscellaneous projects set up to aid local people.  Adam was working on a small roofing project.  Unfortunately, a board he was standing on gave way and he fell to the ground. Thankfully, he estimates it was only about an 8ft. fall.  He landed on his feet causing his heels to be bruised and sore for several days.  Oh, and his arm went through a window on the way down causing a couple of deep cuts.  One was dangerously close to that bend in your arm where you get blood drawn from. He's fine though.  Unfortunately, the window was not. 

And here's a picture of my super-cute and hard-working painting crew.  
We finished the day off injury-free and our only casualty was a stained shirt.