Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Art Prize 2012

Our city has a fun event called Art Prize. Artwork all over the town. Nearly impossible to see it all and we don't even try. But we did take a few hours last night to hit some of the larger venue areas. Here's a couple of pictures we took:

I really liked this painting (minus the random person standing in front of it).

Aren't these the cutest little ferocious guys you've ever seen?!

This was a really cool mount. A picture doesn't do it justice.


Adams mom said...

I need to time a visit sometime so I can see some of fhis. It's amazing the talent some people have. Looks like the boys enjoyed it too!

the bergmans said...

When Rob and I were down by the museums, we saw so many kids take pictures "rawr-ing" by that dinosaur! Love it!