Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bunk to the Bed!

In preparation for the nearing arrival of Baby #3, Landon and Tate are now sharing a room! 
We bunked their beds today. 
We have 4 bedrooms in our upstairs, but we hope to always have the option of a guestroom for our out-of-town family and friends to stay with us - plus, it's nice to have that unoccupied room for random college students, a nap place for additional kiddos that are over, etc.  Plus, it's a fabulous feeling to have a room that is almost always clean because we don't touch it most of the time. :) 

The boys are SUPER excited about having a room together. 
Naptime was successful today.  And they are good nighttime sleepers, so I anticipate they are slumbering away as I type this.

I picked up the matching comforter sets a month or so ago.  I went back and forth on if we needed them.  
I decided we didn't.  
They both had some sort of comforter/blanket on their bed already. It was a silly materialistic thing and most of the sets that I liked were $100 for just one.  There were better things we could do with our money. 

Then I found a good deal at "Bed, Bath and Beyond" on a set that I had been eyeing online.  In-store it was marked down 50% and I could use a 20% coupon off coupon still.  
So, I gave in. 
And I'm happy. 

Hey, I'm human.