Sunday, September 02, 2012

Visit from Gma and Gpa

Visits from grandparents are cherished when you don't have any that live very close by!
Adam's mom and her husband visited this past week/weekend.  The boys love seeing them and getting all of that special attention.  We packed the past several days with an assortment of activities, although never having enough time to fill it in with everything we'd like to.

The highlight was probably the visit to Lake Michigan. Even though we only live 30-45 minutes away from it, we really don't get the chance to visit it very often.  Despite some wave warnings, we found it to be a perfect day at the beach! Landon loved jumping in the water. Tate preferred the sand.  They both loved being spoiled and having grandma hand-feed them grapes on the beach. :) 

We visited with friends, had other family members over, and in general, had a very enjoyable visit with them.
Now if we could just talk them into living closer. :)