Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Happy Birthday to Adam!

Happy Birthday to Adam!

The boys and I made Adam his favorite cake (Boston Cream Pie - although, is it really a pie??). 
He insisted he did not want any candles put in it, so we honored his request.

Hoping he could share his birthday with his 3rd born son, but at 9:30 p.m. it's not looking too likely.
We did have an ultrasound today that showed that he is only 8lbs.10oz. (remember, Landon was 10lb.4oz. and Tate was 10lbs.8oz. at birth and I birthed both of them fine).  Ultrasounds can be a good pound or so off at this point, but still he's not registering quite as big and is giving my doctor no reason to induce me (except that I'm impatient and it would be more beneficial for us to have him before our health insurance year runs up here at the end of this month - not good enough reasons for her). :) 
We've tried doing what we could to get things moving in the past week or so. I've done lots of walking. Jumping jacks. Spicy food. A massage. The kiddo just isn't ready to be born yet. 

I had contractions all through the night on Sunday and got very little sleep.  It was progressing very similar as to when Tate was born.  I was quite certain he was coming. Even had my parents come to town on Monday morning to be ready to care for the older boys.  Then it all stopped.  By late Monday morning, my doctor said I was hardly dilated to a 2.  Being a somewhat emotionally stable girl usually, well, I kinda had a cryfest in the parking lot. I was hormonal, short on sleep, frustrated, and disappointed. And I've only had random, irregular contractions ever since. 

Adam will get to keep his special day to himself in our family. 
And we will continue to anticipate this little one's eventual arrival!


Adams mom said...

Happy Birthday Adam, you are so loved!

Carol Hochhalter said...

Oh, Becca! I'm sorry for the letdown of Sunday! Praying that your little one comes tomorrow!!! (It has to be by the end of October for insurance?) Hope you can sleep tonight! (I would have cried too!!) Peace! And happy birthday, Adam!

Adam and Becca said...

Carol - Our new insurance year starts on November 1. We will still have coverage....we just have to start off paying the year's entire deductible right off the bat. Most year's we don't even meet the deductible otherwise. We still haven't met it for the current year and it would have saved some money to have it tacked onto the current year. Doesn't look like it will happen. Thankfully, our insurance is good and our church is very good to us also. We have enough money to pay next year's entire deductible sitting in our Health Savings Account already. It's not a bad situation....I just need to let go of my frugalness and trust God.