Monday, October 29, 2012

Trunk or Treat 2012

Our church had their annual Trunk-or-Treat this past Saturday.  Always a fun event. And always neat to see how the church body can work together to do a community event.

This year we went with a superhero themed trunk. 
Specifically, Marvel superheroes. 
(For those non-superhero buffs (a.k.a. many normal people), there are 2 big superhero divisions.....Marvel and DC Comics.  DC Comics can claim superhero characters like Batman and Superman. Marvel has names like Spiderman, Fantastic Four, Captain America, X-Men, etc.)

Yeah! We managed to get a family photo this year!   Adam has responsibilities during this whole event  and the boys and I man the trunk.  For those that need clarification: Landon is Captain America, Tate is Spiderman, Adam is Hawkeye, and I am Black Widow.  All of them except Spiderman were in the recent "Avengers" movie. Adam, being the superhero buff that he is (Really, he can tell you more than is necessary), assured me that Spiderman could be included with our Avenger group because he was really part of the Avengers team in the comics and cartoons. 

Don't worry. The red hair was just a spray-on adventure.  Came out just fine after 2 washes.
My bathroom is covered in a pink dust though.  Sorry to Adam's innocent bystanding toothbrush.  

One of my favorite pictures that Landon has drawn. He put a lot of concentration into it.

This was the first year that there was a prize involved with trunk decoration.  Community members that came through voted for their favorite.  So fun to see the creativity of our church members!
We took a very nice 2nd place!  We were beat out by a car that was turned into a castle.  Yep, a castle.  From the Wizard of Oz.  Complete with a melted wicked witch, Dorothy, a Tin-man, a Scarecrow, and I believe I even saw a flying monkey! Anytime you can turn your vehicle into something other than a vehicle....well, that's pretty cool.

Now to start thinking about next year's theme! 

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