Thursday, January 10, 2013

Adventures with Daddy

well it has been a long while since i have posted as Becca does such a great job i just let her do it :)

Most of your know my day off is Thursday and so i get to be home with the boys while Becca goes into Kuyper and works.  This post is the official first day on the job with all 3 boys (she did work last week but school had not started back up so i did not count it)  and today earned a post, and don't worry i will include pictures so you at least have something to look at

8:00am - got boys up dressed, feed and ready to take Landon to school by 9:15am

9:30am - headed with Tate and Heath to poppy's shop to pick him up and bring him back to our house so he could get the shop van that was in my driveway.

10:45am -  We headed on a second unexpected adventure... Tate,  Heath and i went over to a friends house who had a unusual visitor yesterday as a female turkey crashed through a bedroom window and was trapped in the room and would not leave the way it entered.  my original plan was to slay the turkey which would also take care of dinner tonight but the home owner did not want it harmed so i jumped in the room through the broken window trapped it in the closet and pinned it to the wall with a board that was in the room grabbed it by the neck and threw the bird out the window.  After it was all said and done it went much better that i had anticipated, i think the turkey was aware if it resisted a well placed arrow was the next course of action.

this is the bird that I "saved" from certain death (see Jaime i don't kill everything) 

11:15am - get home get heath his bottle which i still needed to warm up and upon taking him out of the car seat i found a small explosion. this required stripping him down and wiping down most of his body he did not like this at all but i was on a time crunch and we tolerated each other got him cleaned up and dressed in new cloths as well as took care of the other collateral damage. .

he look peaceful now and the "explosions" pics were to graphic for the general public to put on here

12:13 - finished bottle load Tate and Heath in van for our 3rd trip to go pick Landon up from school at 12:15 lucky for us it is close and we made it.

12:25 - return home make lunch for boys, eat lunch my self and unload dishwasher and wash the rest of the dishes on counter.

1:15 - change heath sit down and write this blog post.  only half way through the day and i feel like i have accomplished quite a bit......

here are some pictures of the boys shooting there bows they got for Christmas... training has started :)

                                   Landon likes to pose like a action figure when shooting

Tate uses the more traditional form 

and the boys are learning to retrieve arrows really good this will come in handy in the near future :)

as a side note i blame all incorrect spelling, puncture and grammar on the fact that i was typing all of this on Becca's net book and it is much to small for my man hands:)

2:00pm finish post get Heath next bottle ready and figure out what is for dinner before i  go to archery league tonight....  I Love my life and do consider my self a "Super Hero" in times like this :)  oh off to save the day for Heath and until next time...................