Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Up North

We just got back from a trip up north. Adam busses our youth up to Lake Ann Camp for a week. And then we make a family trip out of it also. Not sure which of us has a more difficult task: Him driving 28 of them up there in the church bus. Or me having to drive up with our 3 boys. I imagine there was more crying/whining in our van. For the last 30 minutes of our trip up there, it was this:
Heath: WAHHHH!!!!! (i.e. cryiing)
Tate: I CAN'T REACH THE PACIFIER! I CAN'T REACH THE PACIFIER! (without actually trying to reach it)
Repeat multiple times.

Apparently, teens can't make the trip without needing a bathroom break though. 

We had fun exploring the camp. We rode our bikes around. We enjoyed eating in the dining hall (chocolate milk in a little carton tastes sooooo good!). Very cute little kittens in the barn to pet. Enjoyed chasing minnows (also called nimmows by the boys) in the lake. Attended some chapels and other events. 

We also took a trip to Boyne City to visit the Verwys' and spend Independence Day with them.

Guys with their boys.
Heath (8mths) and Moses (6mnths)
Moses?? Where'd you go?
Tate and I took a little date together to get a blue slushie while we waited for fireworks.
Not too bad of a view for scoping out the impending fireworks display.
Fireworks are way more enjoyable with ear mufflers on!
Lake Charlevoix sunset.
Boys getting ready to hit the beach.
"Hmmm....this sand has a bit of a gritty texture to it."
Adam convinced one of his youth to let him "blob" her.
Best buds.
Overall, it was a good week for us. 
(Tiring, but good. Heath is not much of a fan of sleeping away from home.)
It's fun to watch from a distance the life-changing power of Jesus in our youth through camp programs.