Friday, October 04, 2013

Houston.....we're moving a couple of fingers!

Adam made it through a full day of therapy today! The past few days he was having to have sessions in his room and much more low-key as he was not feeling well at all, but he was feeling good enough today to engage in all of his sessions! And get this.....he has some movement in his thumb and pointer finger in each hand. It's small and he has to concentrate a bit, but it's clearly movement and he's controlling it! He says his legs are feeling a little stronger in their movements as well.
They've also give him a motorized wheelchair to use here. That has to be a little more fun than being driven by an inexperienced operator (i.e. me). If he runs his feet into a wall, it's his own fault now.
His body is still kinda confused at what has happened. His brain is sending "phantom" pains to his body parts. Even though Adam's legs are not actually hurt, his brain thinks they are. So the brain is then sending pain signals to his legs.
It's good to be seeing some bits of progress. Woohoo!