Monday, October 07, 2013

One Week into Rehab

Adam has been in Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital for 1 week now.
(I've had a couple of people ask me about this place as they were confused by its name. I assure you it is not actually FREE - but don't worry, we have pretty good health insurance. For a history of why its named Mary Free Bed, click here. What you need to know is that we're at a really great rehab facility.)

This is the picture they took of Adam when he was first admitted to Mary Free Bed.
Five days after his accident.
This was Adam tonight, a week after he was admitted to rehab.
As you can see, his beard is coming in quite nicely and manly.
And in case you didn't notice...he looks way better than he did a week ago.
He has to keep that annoying, yet purposeful, neck brace on for probably another 6 weeks still.
Adam is feeling so much better these days. His whole demeanor is much easier to take in. 
He even wanted to show off for the camera tonight.
Showing that he can lift both of his arms.
(T-shirt courtesy of his Grandma)
Trying to flex his bicep.
Adam had a good build going into this which is helping him out a lot. He has noticed that his arms, shoulders, and legs are all "shrinking" with the dramatic decrease in activity and ability. 

We are so encouraged by the support that we have been receiving. We've been told about people that are praying for us all over the world. I'm receiving notes from people that we don't even know. We are up to almost 2,000 views of my original posting about Adam's accident. And all of the following posts have well over 1,000 views. Our blog viewership before this was mostly our mothers.

Tonight we were read letters from men in Brazil that we met two years ago while on a mission trip. One of the men had asked his friends to pray. A friend's church then held a prayer vigil for Adam - a man they had never even met.

So humbling and so undeserving.
This whole experience is taking humility to a whole new level for both Adam and I.
Adam is having to let himself be cared for by others. 
And well, I am also.
And to think about the people that are thinking of us, praying for us, writing us notes, feeding us, serving us, sending us gifts.... 
We're just blown away.

And let me tell you, those prayers are working.
Not only do we see Adam's physical gains as an answer to prayer. 
We also have an unexplainable peace.
A peace that may not make sense to those looking in.
Sure, life is a bit hectic and crazy right now. 
And there is so much that is unknown about what Adam will recover and how long it may take.
And we can't even imagine what our life could look like in the months and years ahead.
And I have to cancel our 10-year anniversary trip that was booked.
And there are 3 little boys who get to see their daddy very, very little right now.
And there are many unanswered questions.
And this is all still really hard at times.
But we feel.....
p e a c e.

Thank you for your part in that.

And I just keep coming back to the thought of -
"How does anybody weather through difficult times without the hope that Christ offers? 
And without the aid of His Body, the Church, caring for one another?"

I've been thinking about this a lot.
And I don't have a clue.